From the President’s Desk

Dear KGMOA members, 

Let me thank each one of you for electing me as the President of KGMOA Thiruvananthapuram for 2023. 

For the past five and a half decades, We, the KGMOA have been the only service organization to represent all the doctors in the Department of Health services of our State. We have succeeded in carrying out vital interventions in various issues of our members. In addition, we are a group of highly skilled professionals rendering appropriate advices during major public health events. We also, undertake socially committed projects to promote health and impart knowledge.

Throughout the ongoing COVID outbreak, and during COVID Vaccination, we have played a critical role in streamlining the work in our centres. Even in the midst of such a crisis, our members toiled day and night to maintain the routine promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services run uninterrupted throughout the district. We stand with our members supporting and protecting them, to serve the society with dignity.

Lets us strive together, with our members, to ensure the availability of quality scientific modern health care services to everyone in our society.


Jai Hind

Yours faithfully

Dr Padmaprasad PS

President KGMOA TVM